DRI Education Serves Growing Middle East Market

DRI International recently announced a new NCEMA component to its Business Continuity Planning for Auditors (BCLE AUD AE) and Business Continuity Planning (BCLE 2000 AE) courses. While DRI itself is standard-neutral, the organization’s leadership recognizes the need for its courses to reflect a variety of standards, of which NCEMA is now one.

“This reflects DRI’s commitment to the growing Middle East market,” says DRI Managing Director of Global Operations Chloe Demrovsky. “The UAE is a leader in the area of regional preparedness and we are thrilled to act as a key strategic partner with a knowledge and training centre to promote world-class excellence.”


The BCLE AUD course (BCLE AUD AE’s parent course) is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). BCLE AUD AE is a four-day, interactive program that provides training, tools, and hands-on experience to audit disaster/emergency management and business continuity programs. This course provides an overview of the audit process and teaches the student to audit a business continuity management program for conformity to the chosen standard. Conformity includes the areas of program management, risk assessment, business impact analysis, loss prevention, risk mitigation, emergency operations, business continuity strategies, crisis communications, incident management, training and education, testing and exercises, and program improvement.

About BCLE-2000 AE

BCLE-2000 AE is a comprehensive, four-day course covering the fundamentals of the DRI International’s Professional Practices. Students will learn the elements of a disaster/emergency management and business continuity program, understand industry terminology, and learn how to use the Professional Practices to develop a business continuity management program.

Both courses reflect the NCEMA standard and each concludes with an exam. Successful completion of the course and a passing grade on the exam, is the first step toward DRI International certification.
For information, visit http://www.drii.org.


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